MS "Gunnar K"

Build no. 60

Our build number 60 "Gunnar K" was delivered to Kristoffersen Fiskebåt AS in Myre Vesterålen, in April 2018. The vessel is arranged with a CO2 RSW plant and five RSW tanks for live fish, fish in tanks and fish in slurry ice. Furthermore the vessel has two netbins and combi-winches for both purse seine and danish seine. Vacuum plants are arranged onboard for the unloading of RSW tanks and for loading from nets. Accomodation for 12 persons.

Name: MS "Gunnar K
Design: Naval Consult AS
Type of Vessel: Purse Seine /Danish Seine
Length: 38,65 m
Beem: 9,25 m
Main Engine: Yanmar 6EY22-AW
Diesel generator: 2 X Scania DII3 M74
Propulsion: Finnøy Gear og Propeller AS
Owners: Kristoffersen Fiskebåt AS
8430 Myre
Phone: +47 957 89 875