MS "Nordhavet"

Build no. 59

Build no. 59, "Nordhavet", was delivered 23rd of February, to shipowner Arvesen AS from Engenes in Ibestad commune. The vessel is 43,15 meters, which makes it one of the largest vessels in the coastal fishing fleet, and has a loading capacity of 490m3. In regards to its sisterships "Sander Andre" and "Gunnar K", Nordhavet has been lenghtened by 4,5 meters. The vessel comes equipped with a SCR treatment plant, where urea is used to remove NOx particles from Diesel exhaust emissions.

"Nordhavet" is a combined purse seine/danish seine vessel with a CO2 RSW plant, five tanks for live fish, fish in tanks and fish tanks with slurry ice. Furthermore the vessel comes equipped with two net bins and a combined winch for net and seines. Onboard, cooling water from the main engine is utilized for heating. The boat accomodates for 12 persons and is designed and developed by Naval Consult AS, based in Måløy, Norway.