MS "Sander Andre"

Build no. 58

Our build number 58 "Sander Andre" was delivered to Mirsel AS in Sørvågen, November 2017. The vessel is arranged with CO2 RSW plant and five RSW tanks for live fish, fish in tanks and fish in slurry ice. Furthermore the vessel has two netbins and combi-winches for both purse seine and danish seine. Vacuum plants are arranged onboard for the unloading of RSW tanks and for loading from nets. Accomodation for 10 persons.

Name: MS "Sander Andre
Design: Naval Consult AS
Type of Vessel: Purse Seine /Danish Seine
Length: 38,65 m
Beem: 9,25 m
Main Engine: Yanmar 6EY22-AW
Diesel generator: 2 X Scania DII3 M74
Propulsion: Finnøy Gear og Propeller AS
Owners: Mirsel AS
8392 Sørvågen
Phone: +47 918 01 094