MS "Zephyr"

Build no. 63

MS Zephyr, a pelagic trawler of 75.40m x 15m, delivered to the shipping company Zephyr Fishing Company Ltd from Whalsay in Shetland in September 2019.

The ship was designed by Skipsteknisk AS in Ålesund in close cooperation with the shipping company. The ship is a top modern pelagic trawler, using the latest technology for both ship design and onboard equipment.

RSW capacity is 2500m3 and the system is designed for fast and efficient cooling and smooth handling of the fish, ensuring premium quality and efficient handling with minimal damage to the product. Accommodation for 14 persons.

Name: MS "Zephyr"

Skipsteknisk AS

Type of vessel: Pelagic trawler
Lenght: 75,4 m
Beem: 15 m
Main engine: Wârtsila 12V32
Diesel generator: Caterpillar 
Propeller: Wârtsila WCP 4G1095
Shipowner: Zephyr Fishing Company Ltd
  Lerwick, Shetland