Larsnes and Naviera Orca Chile SA have signed a contract for the construction and delivery of a 2800m3  live fish carrier.

The vessel is designed by Skipskompetanse AS from Måløy and is a further development of build no.67 Ro Sailor. This is the ninth (9) in the series of vessels developed between Skipskompetanse AS, Larsnes, Rostein and, Naviera Orca. This is the type of technology that is necessary for us in Chile, says CEO in Naviera Orca, Ezequias Alliende in a statement. The vessel, technology, efficiency, and size are quite right for our industry at the moment and will be important for good fish health and wellbeing in an optimal way. The vessel is arranged for open and closed transport of harvest fish and smolts, but also has many other capacities, including RSW, freshwater production, and freshwater treatments of salmon. It will be fully equipped and outfitted with the latest technology and be capable of operating in open or closed modes.  An elaborate monitoring and logging system will track all vital parameters. During open transportation, all water in and out of the vessel can be filtrated and UV treated, and sea lice filtered out for destruction.  An automatic tank cleaning and disinfection system will ensure optimal cleanliness. The vessel has several loading and unloading systems and can, in particular, load and unload fish especially gently, using pressure and vacuum without the use of fish pumps.

Main Dimensions:

Length: 79,27m

Beam:   15,00m

Depth:  5,6m

The cargo hold is 2800 m3, with a load capacity of over 400-tons of live salmon.

Contact  Yard:               Mr. Jarle Gunnarstein            tlf. +47 915 61 630

Contact Naviera Orca:   Mr. Kjell Audun Aasen            tlf. +47 986 90 980