31.October 2023

Ro Spirit is delivered to Rostein AS

This is number 10 in the series of live fish carriers delivered from us to Rostein As in 9 years and is the sister ship to Ro Sailor. It is arranged for open and closed transport of fish and smolt and has a loading capacity of 2,800 m³. This is also the first well boat in the world to be equipped with Wavefoil, which has a wingspan of almost 8 meters. This should reduce accelerations, improve fish welfare, and provide fuel savings. The boat has zero emissions during closed transport and has TIER III machinery. It is also top equipped with the latest in technology for well boats. Accommodations for 12 persons. Congratulations to the crew with this great work facility and the shipping company with the new addition to its fleet!  
19.October 2023

Nord-Fugløy delivered

Build no. 69, Nord-Fugløy is today delivered to the shipowners Camaro Fiskeriselskap AS. The vessel is equipped for efficient and environmentally friendly fishing with spinners and nets, combined fishing tanks for guiding live fish, cooling by icing in tanks, cooling in RSW, and storage in freezers. Nord-Fugløy is also being built with a strong focus on the crew’s safety, working environment, and living comfort, good HSE solutions, and, development opportunities. The vessel is considered to meet future requirements and expectations for a minimal environmental footprint. We proudly send our congratulations to the shipowner and the crew and wish them all the best on all seas.
14.February 2023

New contract to Larsnes

Today we have signed a new contract with Myre Kystdrift AS in Vesterålen, to build a new combined danish seine/stun and bleed vessel, designed by Seacon As in Måløy, and it's the first in the world with this combination. The vessel will be the shipyard's build no. 73, and will have the design designation SC-51. The design is adapted from the shipowners operating based on white fish, and now also in combination with stun and bleed-line for salmon and trout, for the aquaculture industry. The new vessel will be equipped with RSW cooling and a factory line for processing the fresh fish, and the shipowners have been environmentally aware and focused on the climate footprint in the design process. They have chosen the newest technology available for this type of vessel with an optimized hull, propeller with nozzle, two steps gear, variable speed generator, "take me home" solution, and a battery pack with approx. 1,5 Mwh.  
16.January 2023

Ro Senja handed over to the shipowners

Friday the 13th of January NB.70 Ro Senja was handed over to the shipowners Rostein AS. Ro Senja is designed by Skipskompetanse AS and it's no. 10 in of the live fish carriers the yard has delivered to Rostein and the 18th vessel in their fleet. The first; Ro Fjord was delivered from us already in 2009. The vessel is a battery hybrid and is equipped with a battery package from Siemens, and three sets of diesel generators from Yanmar with TIR 3 equipment. The contract was signed in March 2021 and the hull yard started cutting steel at the beginning of June 2021. Due to an increase in the corona pandemic at the end of 2021 and the war in Ukraine, the hull was 2-3 months delayed from the hull yard. With this new build, the salmon industry has added another "state of the art" live fish carrier to the fleet. SalMar ASA will be the client for the common years. Accommodation for 12 persons. A great thanks to Rostein for the assignment and we wish Ro Senja and its crew the best of luck in all operations.
Fra venstre: Steinar Hauge -Wattn, Bård Dalen -Hødd Fotball, Jarle Gunnarstein - Larsnes mek, Olav Myklebust -Ordfører Sande Kommune og programleder Jan Åge Fjørtoft.
17.November 2022

Gurskenkonferansen 2022

“Fjøraprisen” was awarded at the Gurskenkonferansen 2022, at the Thon Hotel Fosnavåg, the 16th of November. The local former football player Jan Åge Fjørtoft is the man behind the Fjøraprisen, which is intended to be an appreciation for inspirers and motivators in the private business sector, teams and organizations, sports, and in the local environment. It`s the first time this award has been handed out, and this year the receivers were CEO at Larsnes®, Jarle Gunnarstein, and Hødd Fotball, by chairman Bård Dalen. Jarle had worked continuously at the shipyard for 42 years and started his career at Hammer Shipyard in 1979 before he followed over to Larsnes® which was founded in 1981. He receives the award for his ability to create enthusiasm and optimism, and motivate others with his good mood and leadership. Larsnes® is one of the cornerstone companies in Sande Municipality and is now in an expanding phase with significant development, including a dock hall, new quays, as well as new and better facilities for its employees. We congratulate our leader with Fjøraprisen 2022!    
28.March 2022

Orca Yka was named in Ålesund, the 26th of March

Our NB no. 68, Orca Yka was named in the traditional way with a bottle of champagne crushed into the shipside, by Godmother Julie Christina Aasen. The bottle did break on the first try, to great excitement for all the presents. Julie Christina Aasen is the eldest daughter of one of the shipowners, Kjell Audun Aasen who has also been a technical inspector during the whole build period at Larsnes Mek. Naviera Orca Chile S.A. was represented by all five owners together with guests from home and abroad. We will thank the shipowners for the trust and assignment with the construction of this beautiful vessel. "May you and your crew sail safely on all seas"  
29.December 2021

Rostein AS has contracted a new live fish carrier!

The vessel gets the yards Nb no. 71, and it will be number 11 in this series of ships designed by Skipskompetanse AS, hence 10 of them to Rostein AS, and will have a cargo capacity of 2800m³, and shall be arranged for open and closed transport of fish and smolts. With this new assignment, Rostein is approaching new constructions for around 3.5 billion in Larsnes Mek, and this supports how important the aquaculture industry has become for the maritime sector. The vessel will be equipped with the latest technology and have zero emissions during secure transport with monitoring, purification of water circulations, and UV treatment of water in and out of the hold. The vessel will be sustainable and environmentally friendly with an automatic washing and disinfection system, regulation, and logging of water parameters. This vessel will be the first live fish carrier ever with mounted bow foils. It will be exciting to see what savings it will make on fuel consumption and emissions. The wave foil will have a wingspan of almost 8 meters and is intended to dampen accelerations, improve fish welfare and provide fuel savings. Collaborative partners to develop the concept together with Rostein and Larsnes are Wavefoil, Skipskompetanse, and I.P Huse. The boat will have TIER III machinery and will be delivered in spring 2023.   Name Ro Spirit Shipyard Larsnes Mek. Verksted AS Design Skipskompetanse AS SK6000 DM LFC III Accommodation 12 persons Lenght 79,27 meters Widht 15,00 meters Tonnage 2999 Contact Yard Jarle Gunnarstein +47 915 61 630 Contact shipowner Odd Einar Sandøy +47 911 70 043 Contact designer Per Jørgen Silden +47 416 66 861
8.December 2021

Contract for a new fishing vessel

Larsnes has signed a contract for the construction of a new coastal seine vessel. Skipskompetanse AS delivers the design, type SK-3151 and the vessel will get the yard's build no. 72. This means that the yard is guaranteed full employment for the two next years, and there will be a significant contribution from many subcontractors in the region. The design is developed and adapted to the shipowners operating basis and is aimed at seine and spinner fishing. The vessel is arranged with optimized hull design, large propeller, two-steps gear, variable speed generator, take me home-solution and, a battery package of about 1.0 MWh. The shipowners are also involved in onshore facilities with processing in Værøy, and therefore the vessel is arranged also for fresh fish with fresh fish factory, combined RSW /live fish tanks and, the possibility of icing in containers. The vessel will be named Jarle Berg and is to deliver in August 2023. Main dimensions and capacities Lenght over all 50,7 m Beam 12,0 m RSW /live fish 499 m³ Main engine Yanmar 6EY26 Battery package ˜ 1000kWh For more information, please contact Shipowner Trond Berg +47 922 28 835 trond@brodreneberg.no Yard Jarle Gunnarstein +47 915 61 630 jarle@larsnes-mek.no Designer Per Jørgen Silden +47 416 66 861 pjs@skipskompetanse.no
11.May 2021

New contract to Larsnes

It is with great pleasure that we can inform you that an agreement has been entered into between Camaro Fiskeriselskap, Skipskompetanse and, Larsnes Mek Verksted for the design and construction of a new spinner/seiner for Roger Nilsen in Nord-Lenangen, Tromsø. The vessel gets the yard's build number 69, the name Nord-Fugløy and the design is SK-3151 from Skipskompetanse. The design is adapted to the company's operating basis and areas of operation, including the climatic challenges that fishing vessels in northern waters may face. The vessel is equipped for efficient and environmentally friendly fishing with spinners and nets, combined fishing tanks for guiding both live fish, cooling by icing in tanks, cooling in RSW and, storage in freezers. Nord-Fugløy is also being built with a strong focus on the crew's safety, working environment and living comfort, good HSE solutions and, development opportunities. To support the company's expectations of a good operating economy and minimal environmental footprint in all relevant operating conditions, the vessel is arranged with a large propeller, two-step gear, variable speed generator, "take me home" solution and, a battery package of approx. 1.0 MWh. The vessel is considered to meet future requirements and expectations for a minimal environmental footprint. Lenght over all 50,7 m Beem 12,0 m Capacities Freezer/live fish/RSW 300/400/499 m3 Main engine Yanmar 6EY26 Battery package ∼1000 kWh
8.December 2021

Larsnes contracted a new live fish carrier to Rostein

The vessel will be a copy of the world's first hybrid live fish carrier, Ro Vision. The vessel will be the yards build no. 70. Similar to Ro Vision will SalMar be the tenant of the vessel. Our collaboration with Larsnes Mek. Verksted, Skipskompetanse, and other suppliers have been a success in this series of new buildings. We are grateful for the trust SalMar is showing us once more, says the shipowner, Odd Einar Sandøy. All of Rosteins 16 vessels are outfitted in Norway, and this will be the 9`th vessel delivered to Rostein from Larsnes Mek Verksted AS. Main dimensions: • Name: (TBN) not decided yet. • Yard: Larsnes Mek Verksted AS • Design: SK 6000 DEH III fra Skipskompetanse • Lenght: 84,20 m • Beam: 15,50 m • Tonnage: 3.623
2.March 2021

Larsnes Mek. Verksted AS celebrates its 40th anniversary!

Larsnes Mek. Verksted AS was established on the 2nd of March 1981 and has since become one of Norway’s leading builders of fishing vessels and well boats. Based in Larsnes, the shipyard is strategically located in the maritime cluster in the region. The shipbuilding cluster in Larsnes has traditions dating as far back as the 1800s. Throughout these 40 years, the yard has been faithful to the fishing industry and focused on new buildings, repairs and, maintenance of the fishing and live fish carrier fleet. We can boast of having built and delivered the most advanced fishing and live fish carriers in the world. We are constantly developing under the steady leadership of Mr. Jarle Gunnarstein. Since December 2014, the shipping company Rostein AS has been the main shareholder in the company, and together with some of the previous owners, they have made a successful collaboration. Therefore we are to continue a large-scale development of the facilities on the yard.  Extension of the existing quay, new quays and, dock of 135x24m with a covered hall of 150x40m. This should be able to meet most needs for rebuilding, repairs and, maintenance of the fishing -and live fish carrier fleet along our coast. The construction work has started and is subject to further financing, the plant can be expected to be completed during 2023 and will be one of the most modern and cost-effective facilities in Norway. Thanks to all of our good customers and suppliers who have been with us all these years, we would never have reached 40 years without you! Finally, we would like to thank our stable and loyal employees who have built the Larsnes® brand. Some of them have also been involved since the beginning. You have made our deliveries widely known for quality and have with good reason been nicknamed to the "Larsnes standard". Our slogan is, therefore «Quality through experience» We are proud of our workstation and congratulate the entire Larsnes® family on their 40th anniversary!
8.December 2020

Live fish carrier to Naviera Orca Chile!

Larsnes and Naviera Orca Chile SA have signed a contract for the construction and delivery of a 2800m3  live fish carrier. The vessel is designed by Skipskompetanse AS from Måløy and is a further development of build no.67 Ro Sailor. This is the ninth (9) in the series of vessels developed between Skipskompetanse AS, Larsnes, Rostein and, Naviera Orca. This is the type of technology that is necessary for us in Chile, says CEO in Naviera Orca, Ezequias Alliende in a statement. The vessel, technology, efficiency, and size are quite right for our industry at the moment and will be important for good fish health and wellbeing in an optimal way. The vessel is arranged for open and closed transport of harvest fish and smolts, but also has many other capacities, including RSW, freshwater production, and freshwater treatments of salmon. It will be fully equipped and outfitted with the latest technology and be capable of operating in open or closed modes.  An elaborate monitoring and logging system will track all vital parameters. During open transportation, all water in and out of the vessel can be filtrated and UV treated, and sea lice filtered out for destruction.  An automatic tank cleaning and disinfection system will ensure optimal cleanliness. The vessel has several loading and unloading systems and can, in particular, load and unload fish especially gently, using pressure and vacuum without the use of fish pumps. Main Dimensions: Length: 79,27m Beam:   15,00m Depth:  5,6m The cargo hold is 2800 m3, with a load capacity of over 400-tons of live salmon. Contact  Yard:               Mr. Jarle Gunnarstein            tlf. +47 915 61 630 Contact Naviera Orca:   Mr. Kjell Audun Aasen            tlf. +47 986 90 980
2.September 2020

Ro Vision – Ship of the Year 2020!

Ship of the Year 2020 goes to a type of vessel where Norway is a world leader in both technology and design, said Minister of Fisheries and Seafood Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen when he handed out the prestigious award in Bergen today. - The well-boat fleet continues forward, and this year's winner shows that there is a focus on lower emissions and increased safety, says Ingebrigtsen, and praised the founder of the shipping company Rostein; Odd Einar Sandøy, as one of the pioneers of this industry. The wellboat "Ro Vision" was ordered by Rostein AS and built by Larsnes Mek. Verksted AS and designed by Skipskompetanse AS. - We have operated with well-boats for 32 years, and in those years have built 25 new vessels. It has been an adventurous development for us. Topping this by first being nominated, and then winning, is fantastic, says shipowner Odd Einar Sandøy in Rostein. This year's Ship of the Year has a hybrid propulsion solution, and is equipped with the latest technology for this type of ship, says the jury's leader, editor-in-chief of Skipsrevyen Gustav-Erik Blaalid. "Ro Vison" will be the standard for the company's new buildings. Later, it may be relevant to rebuild existing vessels in accordance with this standard. Thus, the total environmental benefit will be great, says Blaalid. At the same time, the award is a great recognition to the well-boat industry, which has produced Norwegian ship technology and design to become a world leader, says Blaalid. -From the yard's point of view, this is incredibly nice. It shows that our employees build world-class boats! We have had a very good collaboration with Rostein for more than 11 years. If it was great to be nominated, then it is even more fun to win, says CEO Jarle Gunnarstein at Larsnes Mek. - It is great recognition for us that a vessel we have designed wins this award. I think it was high time that a well-boat was nominated. "Ro Vision" shows what a great development there has been in the well-boat industry, says General Manager Per Jørgen Silden in Skipskompetanse. Ship of the year is the industry's most prestigious expert jury for Norwegian ship technology and innovation. The prize is awarded annually to a Norwegian-built ship at a Norwegian shipyard. It is Skipsrevyen's readers who each year nominate the candidates for this year's ship and it is a professional jury that makes the selection. The Ship Review's partners for Ship of the year are NME (Norwegian Maritime Exporters, NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), the Norwegian Shipowners' Association, Norwegian Industry, Maritime Bergen, Norwegian Shipyards, and the Maritime Forum.
17.July 2020

Ro Venture is delivered to the shipowner and outfitted in record time!

Ro Venture is the sister vessel to Ro Vision and it's the world's second hybrid live fish carrier. The vessel is outfitted in only 4,5 months, and the employee has been done a formidable effort in this challenging time with Covid-19. The vessel is equipped with a battery package from Siemens, three sets of Yanmar diesel generators as well as RCS NOX cleaning from Emigreen. Ro Venture is the seventh delivered vessel round this series LFC2020 from Skipskompetanse AS, built on the same technical platform as Ro Arctic, Ro Server, Ro North, Ro West, Ro Fortune, and Ro Vision. The vessel has entered the ranks as one of the most technically advanced vessels in well-boat technology. We like to gratulate Rostein AS with this environmentally friendly vessel and wish the crew the best of luck, and sail safely on all the seas!
29.April 2020

Larsnes signed new contract with Rostein AS

Larsnes Mek Verksted AS has signed a new contract with Rostein AS. It`s a 2800 m3 live fish carrier. The vessel was designed by Skipskompetanse AS in Måløy. The length is 79.27m and 15m in width and is built on the same technical platform as the others in the series LFC2020. The hull will be delivered from Marine Projects in Gdansk at the end of November this year and delivered to the shipping company at the end of May 2021. This shows that even though there are challenging times with the Covid-19 virus, there are shipping companies that are willing to wager. This means that we have employment until the summer of 2021. We enter a slightly quieter period from the summer holidays to November, but during this period we will have a rebuild at MS Harto and some major repair assignments.
25.March 2020

The world’s first hybrid live fish carrier is delivered.

Our build no. 65 Ro Vision was this week delivered to the shipping company, Rostein AS. The world's first hybrid live fish carrier has already run its first load of salmon. We will thank Rostein AS for the assignment and we like to wish them, the crew, and Salmar good luck with this environmentally correct and top modern vessel.