The vessel gets the yards Nb no. 71, and it will be number 11 in this series of ships designed by Skipskompetanse AS, hence 10 of them to Rostein AS, and will have a cargo capacity of 2800m³, and shall be arranged for open and closed transport of fish and smolts.

With this new assignment, Rostein is approaching new constructions for around 3.5 billion in Larsnes Mek, and this supports how important the aquaculture industry has become for the maritime sector. The vessel will be equipped with the latest technology and have zero emissions during secure transport with monitoring, purification of water circulations, and UV treatment of water in and out of the hold. The vessel will be sustainable and environmentally friendly with an automatic washing and disinfection system, regulation, and logging of water parameters.

This vessel will be the first live fish carrier ever with mounted bow foils. It will be exciting to see what savings it will make on fuel consumption and emissions. The wave foil will have a wingspan of almost 8 meters and is intended to dampen accelerations, improve fish welfare and provide fuel savings. Collaborative partners to develop the concept together with Rostein and Larsnes are Wavefoil, Skipskompetanse, and I.P Huse.

The boat will have TIER III machinery and will be delivered in spring 2023.


Name Ro Spirit
Shipyard Larsnes Mek. Verksted AS
Design Skipskompetanse AS SK6000 DM LFC III
Accommodation 12 persons
Lenght 79,27 meters
Widht 15,00 meters
Tonnage 2999
Contact Yard Jarle Gunnarstein +47 915 61 630
Contact shipowner Odd Einar Sandøy +47 911 70 043
Contact designer Per Jørgen Silden +47 416 66 861